The town musicians of Bremen is a german popular fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm. It tells the story of aging domestic animals, who are tired after a lifetime of hard work, mistreated by their masters and decide to run away from home.
On their path they meet each other and walk together to the city of Bremen to become town musicians. During their way the animals experience some exciting adventures. 

Beppie Schalken (trombone), who was the initiator to make a dutch music theater of this fairytale, called Sonja and Femke Vrencken (flute) on board to work along with her. The Town Musicians of Bremen (in dutch “De Bremer Stadsmuzikanten) was made voor young children to get in touch with classical music and get to know the different instruments (flute, saxophone, trombone).

The trio won in 2017 the Junior Grachtenfestival Pitch and performed the theater since then on several festivals like Grachtenfestival, Festival Oranjewoud, Festival Theater Boulevard, Festival Classique as also in primary schools.  

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